The River Rock Cabin and Cottages of Hondo Canyon, 6/2/24

The River Rock Cabin and Cottages of Hondo Canyon, 6/2/24


“The River Rock Cabin and Cottages of Hondo Canyon”
and Karen L. Moran’s 75th Birthday Party!

Please make your gift a Membership or Donation to THS. The guest list is small and will close early.

Speakers: Mark Hein, David Lightman, and Karen L. Moran
When: Sunday, June 2, 2024, 12:00 p.m.
This Is Not a Potluck: There will be cake, protein bars, coffee, and water. BYO lunch and a pillow or blanket for comfortable seating. No pets!
Where: RSVP for address, Members only.

Our tour of stone houses in Topanga moves to Hondo Canyon, where Cyril and Vera Wood set up a jewelry-design business called “Cyvra Studio” in 1949. Daughter Karen L. Moran wrote Forever Tourmaline (2023) about growing up in the house and cottages on the 13-acre artists community. New owners David Lightman and Saskia DeVries carry on the bohemian spirit in their communal “Tribal Oasis.” Mark Hein is a journalist and local historian.

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Posted on: May 4, 2024Topanga Historical Society