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The Topanga Story:
Expanded Edition

Edited by Michele Johnson (2012), expanding on the original edition edited by Louise Armstrong York (1992)

The expanded edition builds on the sold-out 1st edition, it is meticulously researched and offers much more about Topanga’s eccentric history and quirky citizens… from its early pioneers to the beats, hippies, rockers, artists, and activists who have made the community unique.


The Topanga Story:
Expanded Edition
Edited by Michele Johnson (2012), expanding on the original edition edited by Louise Armstrong York (1992)

This is a limited edition of 100 volumes and is linen-bound, boxed and embossed with a memorable shot of an iconic Topanga oak grove.


Southern California’s Prettiest Drive
(1925, reprint)

This is a reproduction of a charming 1920s-era booklet about taking a stage tour of Topanga Canyon and visiting the Canyon’s many resorts and attractions.


Topanga Beach Experience: 1960s-1970s
by Paul Lovas and Pablo Capra
(Brass Tacks Press, 2011)

At 16, surfer Paul Lovas moved to a house on Topanga Beach. His memoir covers up until 1978, when the houses were bulldozed and the beach became public.


Topanga Beach: A History, 1820s-1920s
by Pablo Capra
(Brass Tacks Press, 2020)

This lost history, compiled from years of research and rare interviews, reshaped how we think about not only the beach, but the surrounding towns as well.


Topanga Beach History Calendar
by Pablo Capra

(Brass Tacks Press)

Featuring excerpts from the book.


Life in Malibu I
by Suzanne Guldimann
(West of the Moon Books, 2018)

This book offers a look at the history and nature of this famous seaside community.


Life in Malibu II
by Suzanne Guldimann
(West of the Moon Books, 2021)

The second volume of Malibu’s history.


Along the Malibu: The Art of Paul Dubosclard
by John A. Brewer (2023)

Paul Dubosclard’s postcard art captured Topanga and Malibu in the 1940s. Watch John’s talk about Paul!


A Stone House in Topanga
by Pablo Capra (2023)

This house, possibly the oldest in Topanga, is famous for a 1968 pot raid that busted Eric Clapton, Stephen Stills, and Neil Young. Illustrated with large photos, each chapter follows a different owner, going back to the 1880s.